Meditation Classes

Chair Yoga/ Meditation Classes

These classes are centred around deep relaxation .The yoga is done from the stability of a chair for 30 minutes, breathing, stretching and working the joints for circulation and movement, followed by a 10 minute guided relaxation exercise and finished with a 20 minute guided meditation . All of which helps lower stress, anxiety and blood pressure. To add to the experience the class is held in the Salt Therapy rooms so you also get the benefits of the salt for any Respiratory or Skin conditions,Stress & Fatigue or General Wellbeing. The classes are $15 and are run weekly on a Monday and Tuesday and fortnightly on a  Thursday night at 6.30pm. Also weekly on a Monday morning at 11am.Bookings Essential on 8254 2978

Meditation / Development/ Healing Classes

A relaxed group of like minded people coming together to enjoy Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Growth. The class is also held in the Salt Room which not only aids Respiratory or Skin conditions but is also good for Stress and Fatigue and General Wellbeing. The Classes are $15 and  run fortnightly on  Wednesday nights. Bookings Essential on 82542978